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Open Source

Open Source software (OSS) has proven to be safe, scalable and cost-effective choices to many marketable products. The biggest benefit of Open Source is the readily available source code that can be modified at ease to make it work according to specific needs. This allows programs to be tailored specifically to your requirements, without the cost of commencing the product from scratch. The advantages of customizing and creating your own product can be a decisive business advantage for your company above those using packaged products.

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Why is Open Source Better Than Commercial Software?

Do you need consultancy?

The value of open source software is clear: lower costs, higher quality, and no vendor lock-in. I help enterprises safely select and acquire open source software while ensuring it meets their needs and aligns with corporate policies. So if you are willing to buy a software solution for any need and you are not sure about the correct choice I am here to help.

Open Source Products

There is a wide range of open source products to match all your needs. I will list here some of the available open source software categories.

  • Operating Systems
    • Linux/Unix based Operating Systems
  • Useful Applications
    • Office Applications
    • Image Editors
    • Other Tools
    • Accounting
  • VoIP systems
    • Open Source IP PBX
    • Open Source Soft Phones
  • Web applications
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • E-Learning
    • Human Ressources Management
    • Intranet and Groupware software
    • Blog
    • Wiki
    • Forum
    • Photo Gallery
    • Web deskTop
    • Polls & Surveys
    • Project Management
    • Auction WebSite
    • Classifieds
    • eCommerce

What do I provide?

  • Open Source Strategy
  • Open Source Development
  • Open Source Migration & Integration
  • Function Analysis & Comparison
  • Cost Analysis & Comparison
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Open Source Training
  • Open Source Support
  • Legal & Licensing Advice

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