Back up Your Data Online While You Are Working

Most of us use flash drives to store our data but what if you lose it somewhere or damage it somehow? Some of us external hard disks but what happens if it suddenly crashes? What if your computer’s hard disk fails? There are alternative solutions for backing up your data online while you are working.

There are several free services that offer online backups solutions. Dropbox (click here to download)  is a very popular service which “syncs your files online and across your computers”, providing an initial 2GB of space (that can be increased to 8GB for free if you refer other users). You can pay and get more space if you need it. Continue reading Back up Your Data Online While You Are Working

How to Increase your Fan Page Ranking in Facebook Search?

Search inside Facebook is becoming more current. Facebook users tend to search inside facebook for things they want. Facebook has been working on enhancing its internal search engine and if you are a business and you want your Facebook page to rank high on search results then it is important to understand how Facebook search works. Continue reading How to Increase your Fan Page Ranking in Facebook Search?

Web 2.0 & Web 3.0

web2to3You started to hear about Web 3.0 but still don’t know what is it about? You still don’t know what is exactly the Web 2.0? In this article I am going to introduce both web 2 and web 3.

Web 2.0

The term web 2.0 consists of giving site visitors the ability to make changes to the web pages, linking people to other users, providing fast and efficient ways to share content and expanding access to the internet beyond the computer. A Web 2.0 site gives its user the choice to interact and collaborate in a virtual community. Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking sites like facebook and myspace, blogs, wikis, video-sharing sites like youtube and other web applications.

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Can Your Old Desktop/Laptop Run Windows 7?

latituded505If your laptop/desktop is running Microsoft Windows Vista OS (which most consumer computers that shipped beginning in January 2007 do), it already runs parts that meet the current requirements of Windows 7. If the laptop runs Vista, it will run Windows 7.
For non-Vista systems you can download the Upgrade Advisor to see if your laptop qualifies. To give you a little more detail, to run Windows 7 your computer must have the following:

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Web Applications Security

Securing Computers and Web applications
Securing Computers and Web applications

The Internet is filled with people trying to make a name for themselves by breaking your code, crashing your site, posting inappropriate content, and otherwise making your day interesting. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large site; you are a target by simply being online, by having a server that can be connected to. Many cracking programs do not discern by size, they simply trawl massive IP blocks looking for victims. Try not to become one.
When on a shared host, security simply isn’t going to be as strong as when on a dedicated host. This is one of the tradeoffs for the inexpensive fee. Shared hosting environments perhaps ought to be considered from the security mindset in the same fashion as a compromised system (that which has or may have been already cracked into).
In order to secure our web applications I read some resources in order to identify different types of vulnerabilities and what are the measures that should be taken to protect our applications. In the first part I will talk about vulnerabilities and measures that should be taken for protection. In the second part you will find a checklist to be used when developing any application. In the appendixes you will find examples about filtering, validations and other security related issues.

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