Back up Your Data Online While You Are Working

Most of us use flash drives to store our data but what if you lose it somewhere or damage it somehow? Some of us external hard disks but what happens if it suddenly crashes? What if your computer’s hard disk fails? There are alternative solutions for backing up your data online while you are working.

There are several free services that offer online backups solutions. Dropbox (click here to download)  is a very popular service which “syncs your files online and across your computers”, providing an initial 2GB of space (that can be increased to 8GB for free if you refer other users). You can pay and get more space if you need it. Continue reading Back up Your Data Online While You Are Working

Opera Mini 6 Released

I’ve been using Opera Mini mobile browser since 2006. I first used the version 3.x on my Nokia 6230 using WAP connection. At the time, with such a slow internet connection provided through WAP, Opera Mini constituted a big difference from the default Nokia browser. The Opera Mini never stopped to please by updating to release 4.0 then changing my phone twice to use version 5 on my Nokia E71. The version 5 was fast with tabbed browsing. I loved it and it made my life really easier with the ability to open a link in new tab. Continue reading Opera Mini 6 Released

How to Increase your Fan Page Ranking in Facebook Search?

Search inside Facebook is becoming more current. Facebook users tend to search inside facebook for things they want. Facebook has been working on enhancing its internal search engine and if you are a business and you want your Facebook page to rank high on search results then it is important to understand how Facebook search works. Continue reading How to Increase your Fan Page Ranking in Facebook Search?

Would Facebook Allow Users to Post Ads in their Profiles?

Facebook AdsenseI was wondering if Facebook might one day allow its users to earn money for displaying ads to visitors of their profile pages. The user that wishes can display ads inside his profile page under his profile picture per example. The Ad can also be displayed in the photo gallery on top of the comments text area. I think this will increase the number of publishers which makes it more profitable for Facebook and some users will benefit and get money from “clicks” performed on ads displayed inside their profiles.

Web 2.0 & Web 3.0

web2to3You started to hear about Web 3.0 but still don’t know what is it about? You still don’t know what is exactly the Web 2.0? In this article I am going to introduce both web 2 and web 3.

Web 2.0

The term web 2.0 consists of giving site visitors the ability to make changes to the web pages, linking people to other users, providing fast and efficient ways to share content and expanding access to the internet beyond the computer. A Web 2.0 site gives its user the choice to interact and collaborate in a virtual community. Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking sites like facebook and myspace, blogs, wikis, video-sharing sites like youtube and other web applications.

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Portable Applications

PortableAppsPortable applications are applications that can be ran on USB flash disk without the need to install them on your PC. Generally the data is stored with those applications on the USB flash disk and your data is accessible on any PC without the need of any software installation. This kind of applications will help you also keep your Notebook at home. You will carry with you the web browser with your favorite bookmarks, your calendar with all your appointments and your mail client with all your received emails. There are portable applications for lots of software categories.

There are many software suites but I am going to write about a free and open source portable apps platform.

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox is an Open Source free Internet Browser. It is the second most used Web Browser according to NetApplications. It was released in 2004 by the Mozilla Corporation. It is a very rich and secure web browser and its engine (Gecko) implements most current web browsers.

Firefox includes tabbed browsing, spell checking, incremental find, live bookmarking, download manager, private browsing, location-aware browsing and many other features.

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Can Your Old Desktop/Laptop Run Windows 7?

latituded505If your laptop/desktop is running Microsoft Windows Vista OS (which most consumer computers that shipped beginning in January 2007 do), it already runs parts that meet the current requirements of Windows 7. If the laptop runs Vista, it will run Windows 7.
For non-Vista systems you can download the Upgrade Advisor to see if your laptop qualifies. To give you a little more detail, to run Windows 7 your computer must have the following:

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